Intra Company transfer work permit

Intra Company Transferee- Work Permit (LMIA Exempt) [R205(a)]:

Multinational companies may be able to send their staff to work at their Canadian location through an Intra Company Transfer (ICT).

This option is available to companies that have a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate location that is operational in Canada.

Also, the occupation in Canada may only be for executives and senior managers, functional managers, or an employee who can demonstrate specialized knowledge of the company’s products, services, processes and procedures.

General Requirements

  • Foreign national should be currently employed by a multinational enterprise outside Canada.
  • Foreign national should be employed (via payroll or by contract) continuously for full-time (not accumulated part-time) by the enterprise outside Canada, in a similar full-time position, for at least one year within the three-year period immediately preceding the date of the initial application.
  • Details of the applicant’s position in an executive or managerial capacity or one involving specialized knowledge (i.e. position, title, place in the organization, job description)

    Generally, Work permit under ICT is granted for One year. Subsequent renewals are possible subject to maximum work permit duration (seven years for executives and senior managers, and five years for specialized knowledge workers).

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